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Bread and Rolls

We sell a wide variety of loaves of bread, including white, brown, wholemeal, granary, and a favourite of many locals which is our GI multiseed bread. Our loaves come in large (800g) and small (400g), although if you were after something a little different, don't hesitate to ask! Our prices are very reasonable, and start at just 1.10 for a small loaf, and 1.70 for a large! A lot of our regular customers order their bread in advance to ensure they get it on the day, so if you want to make a weekly order please ask one of our friendly shop assistants.

We also have a variety of rolls available, from small white rolls, to large ministicks, to white baps inbetween. We are able to produce these in whatever type of bread you want, and they are all made fresh on the day. A lot of rolls are not always readily available in the shop, so if you did want them for an event or a lot at any one time, please make sure you order in advance - For most rolls we only require one days notice, although if it is something a little out of the ordinary that we do not make on a regular basis, please allow us a little more time.

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