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Wedding Cakes

As with our celebration cakes, our wedding cakes are decorated by hand, but due to the importance of the occasion, the prices for wedding cakes are a guide price only. This is because of the fact that designs can be more intricate, and hence more time consuming. We therefore have to consult with our cake decorators to verify the exact price for your very special occasion.

We can also offer different types of fruit cake, or even sponge. Top tier ornaments are extra, as is the hire of a cake stand and knife, which is 10 plus a refundable 50 deposit. (On return of the stand and knife)

We do also require either a deposit or payment in full upon ordering, we are unable to make your cake without this.

Size Servings Fruit Cake Sponge Cake
6" 36 60.00 40.00
8" 64 90.00 55.00
10" 100 130.00 80.00
12" 144 165.00 100.00

Three tier guide price based on a 6, 8, and a 10": 280.00 (fruit) 175.00 (sponge)
Three tier guide price based on a 8, 10 and 12": 385.00 (fruit) 235.00 (sponge)
Four tier guide price based on a 6, 8, 10 and 12": 445.00 (fruit) 275.00 (sponge)

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